Hello, everyone. Me Vivek her hoping that all of you are fine and doing well. Every Indian family sees this and it does not matter male or female it’s just wonderful. Many memes are made of this TV programs. Hope you might have guessed it. It’s non other than serials and today’s topic is all about serials.

I love serials. It does not matter if it is a funny, crime, fictional or devotional serial. I watch each and every serial on TV when I am free. I don’t even leave the ADS. They are really addictive and can teach life skills or something new. Many people are living their life due to serials.

Faraway Hill was the first serial started in USA in 1946.


Why serials are so addictive?
Serials are so addictive because the stories look so real and make us happy, sad everything. Even though some stories are not real but they are so good that they can be so addictive. Almost all the serials come in episodes which makes us think what may happen next? and we watch it everyday. The most funny thing is that even though we know what will happen at the end we see it. Some real life stories of great people and devotional serials are all very interesting and it gives us some knowledge about how people were before and more. We can even learn many morals from serials and sometimes seeing a lot can cause problems. You might be knowing what sort of problems so I won’t repeat. If you don’t know you can ask in the comments.(:

Everyday, from evening to night, I see serials. I do my work and I will be hearing to what they say and I can narrate the whole story afterwards. Everyone in my family watch serials till late night. It makes me very happy. But I also concentrate on my work.

Some all time famous serials in India are:
Tarak Mehta ka ulta chashma
Radha Krishna
Naagin etc..

I see many serials for hearing its theme song. Some are so melodious and wonderful. My first preference goes to funny serials, then real life stories and then fictional. I never sit quiet while watching serials. I will keep scolding them simply because things which can be easily done take hours and days in serials.

Some serials never end. I hate never ending serials because they continue with the same story and it never ends. In these type of serials, every single, simple and small works take days and viewers will be like

That’s it for today, hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading, clapping, commenting, sharing, following and subscribing. Which is the most liked serial of yours, comment down. Take care and be safe, see you all in my next blog! BYE BYE (:




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