Hello everyone I am back with a new and interesting topic. Hope you all are fine. Jammu and Kashmir is one of the beautiful states in India and living there is no less than living heaven. Mainly the Himalayas and then Chenab river which is one of the most famous rivers in India. What does Chenab means? Chenab means a river rising in the Himalayas and flowing southwest to the Sutlej River in Pakistan.

This river is so large and there are nine dams built to store the water of river Chenab and hope you guessed today’s topic. You are going to read about the main three dams of river Chenab.

Baglihar dam AKA Baglihar Hydroelectric Power Project
Salal dam AKA Salal Hydroelectric Power Station,
Dulhast dam,
are the three main dams of river Chenab.

First comes the Baglihar dam and it is one of the most famous and largest dams of Jammu Kashmir.
Height144 m (472 ft)
Length317 m (1,040 ft)
Capacity900 MW

It is mainly used for producing hydro electricity. When it was built, Pakistan claimed that the dam should come under their ownership but it’s now the dam is in the control of India. Construction of this dam was convinced on 1992, approved on 1996 and then the construction began on 1999. The main reason for this 450 (3 X 150 mw) MW project to be in news are the objections raised by Pakistan. Pakistan claimed that, the dam is a gross violations of the Indus Water Treaty,. India reduced the water flow to fill up the Baglihar dam lake in Jammu and Kashmir, causing a loss of agriculture for farmers in Pakistan. India, on the other hand, has clarified that reduced flow in the Chenab river in Pakistan was a result of very little availability of water in a lean year.

Baglihar dam

Let’s move to the next main dam which is Salal dam. It is also mainly used for producing hydro electricity.
Height113 m (370.7 ft)
Length487 m (1,597.8 ft)
Dam volume1,450,000 m3 (51,210,000 cu ft)
It is located in the Reasi district of Jammu Kashmir . It was convinced and approved on 1970 and was opened on 1987. More than 1 billion USD was used to complete this project. It was also built under the Indus treaty.

Salal dam

Our last main dam is Dulhasti dam
Height70 m (230 ft)
Length190 m (620 ft)
Spillway capacity8,000 m3/s (280,000 cu ft/s)
It was also built for producing hydro electricity and for the farming needs. It is built on the mountainous region of Himalayas in Kishtwar Jammu Kashmir. Construction of this dam began on 1985 and was opened on 2007. It was built by the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation under the Pondage scheme.

Dulhasti dam

That’s it for today guys and hope you all enjoyed. Thanks for following, clapping, commenting, subscribing and reading. Thanks a lot and meet you all in the next blog. Take care bye!…




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