What do you prefer?-1

Hello everyone and today I hope you all are fine. Hmm I am not getting any other intros so please don’t get bored. Today this blog is been written to decide which is better? Day or night?

Both are important and both day and night have main roles to play. We also know that everywhere it won’t be day or everyday it won’t be night. When we hear the word day, we imagine a lot of things like sun, beautiful nature, brightness, freshness etc.. and on the other hand when we hear about night some of these things like dark, ghosts, lightings, stars etc.. would come to our mind. This blog is included with my friends and parents suggestions, so we can make a clear decision. Which one do you prefer my new followers? You can reply in the chat is you are interested.

My suggestion- I like night because I can peacefully do my work, it is peaceful outside, we can walk, we can do cycling. Mainly I love travelling at night than in the morning. I do most of my homework in night time and night is not boring, many programs, serials etc.. come in night time.

Srihari-He is one of my friend and he prefers night because he sleeps more and according to him he sleeps well in night than morning.

Rakshit- He is my friend and he prefers day because he thinks that he can move anywhere freely in the morning than in the night time. He feels a bit scary to move around in night time that’s why he prefers day.

Amrith- He is my blogging friend and he suggests that he prefers night as he loves reading in the night time and he likes to read blogs especially after the evenings.

Mugunth-He is one of my blogging friend and he like morning because he gets a better internet connection in the morning so, he does all his online related work in the morning quickly.

Hemalatha miss- She is my English teacher and she also prefers night because she does all her work in the night time without any disturbances.

Mother- My mother likes night time because she will have less work and it is better for her to go out for shopping in night time. She also sees T.V programs

Father-My father prefers morning because according to him working at morning is better because you can interact and discuss with the customers. Working in the morning can reduce stress also.

Brother- His opinion is that he likes morning. He likes playing with his friends so, he likes morning it seems.

Madhav-My blogging friend prefers to day because days are more than nights and we can spend our time happily by playing, reading, writing etc..

But I also like morning because I love going to school and we can be more active in the morning, but this does not mean that I support morning, I always love night and I like watching movies with my family at night time. Morning is filled with work.

Now, its time to decide which is better, this blog is just for fun. Both day and night are best but day is preferred by many and as you all know majority wins. Day has got five votes and on the other hand night got four votes. But when I started this blog I was fully confident that night will win but it dint.

Thank you for watching. Comment on what do you prefer the most and let me know. Thank you everyone who follows me and bye.



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