Hello everyone, me Vivek here hoping that all of you are fine and doing well. Now a days everyone is mostly dependent on electronic devices mainly smart phones. People, now a days can’t live without phones. I do accept that phones are important and it is the only medium in which we can converse faster. Whenever we get a call we will be happy, sad or angry. When we will be doing something important some, calls may disturb us. One of a kind is Spam. Today’s topic is going to be all about these unwanted, useless calls.

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I go and see who’s calling my father or mother. I get fooled so many times and what next, scold them nicely. It irritates like something, I go and see the phone, who has called, this spam shows up then, I will say this to my mom, she does not respond sometimes so I pick up the call and I’ll hear what they say. They blabber something unwanted then I cut the call. My friends say that it’s unnecessary, junk, fake etc…

What is a spam call?

A spam unsolicited call or a message which is just fake, waste, scam call which is totally unnecessary. Not only calls, spam even sends SMS to your mobile and even emails sometimes. Spam is also known as phone spam, text spam, SMS spam and m-spam. Phone/SMS spams are less prevalent than the email spams. Usually spam calls to speak about mobile plans or paying money for the mobile plans which is totally waste of time.

It’s not safe because when the spam call comes you are able to notice that it shows a red color. Sometimes when such unsolicited calls come it always shows red indicating that it is not safe or else when someone calls from a private number it shows up in red color.

Spam calls are really irritating. Last year I was preparing a presentation. I had completed it half and then suddenly this spam call came. Then I dint, pick the call, I have a habit of closing tabs, by mistake what I did you know, instead of closing one tab, I closed all the tabs and my presentation was not saved, so I dint get my presentation back. I was like

SMS spam is illegal under the law in many countries. The FCC(U.S Federal Communication Commission)in 2004 passed a law that SMS spams are illegal. In UK sending unsolicited messages are contrary. Never click on the Spam links sent to your mobiles. Clicking on that links can install malware on your device which will then cause destruction in your computer.

Photo by Michael Geiger on Unsplash

That’s it for today, hope you enjoyed. Thank you for reading, commenting, sharing, clapping, following and subscribing. What do you think about this SPAM calls? comment down. Meet you all in the next blog till then peace out! (:




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