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We know how are exams written and how many types are there. Do you know when exams were discovered, which was the first exam? No, worries if you don’t know because today’s topic is all about this.


Exam was found by Henry A. Fischel. He was a American-German professor and a philanthropist. Exams where invented somewhere in the late 19th century. He worked in the Indiana university and was best known for finding the Jewish studies program. But first ever exam was held by the Chinese known as the Keju. According to historians the first ever written exam was held in the year 605 by the Sui dynasty.

Henry Fischel

Exams contain a set of question papers where it should be answered. Exams help in knowing one’s knowledge. It teaches us time management, great values etc… Failing in exam is common, many people have found their career by failing in exams and many have become famous all around the world because of their achievements after failing or dropping out from colleges.

Public exams were first conducted on 1858. Many schools approached universities like Oxford and Cambridge for exams which can be taken by the boys.

Even home works are very important for studying which was invented by Roberto Nevelis on 1905 in Italy. He is famous for finding home work.

Roberto Nevelis

Toughest exam!

Gaokao is the toughest exam in the entire world which is held in China. It was invented on August 15(INDEPENDENCE DAY OF INDIA)1952.

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