Hello, me Vivek here hoping that all of you are fine and doing well. We as Indians know how important Hinduism is and how important the temples are. There are many wonderful and mysterious temples in India. Some temples are famous for its art, mysteries, stories, size and place. One from Bangalore, India which is famous all over India for it’s architecture.

Gavi Gangadareshwara temple.

From seeing the above image you may think that, what’s special in this? It has so much from the inside but little less from the outside. This temple was built by Gautama Maharshi and Bharadwaja Muni in the Vedic period, which was after renovated by Kempe Gowda (he is the one who built today’s Bangalore) after being released from prison.

This temple’s name derives from the combination on the topography and Lord Shiva. Gavi means cave and Shiva so Gavi Gangadeshwara. It’s a cave temple which is known for its wonderful sunshine fall. A thin stream of water always flows through the cave, next to the main idol. Thousands of people join here on the day of Makara Sankranti(January 14) in the evening to see the marvel. The main and most wonderful idol of lord Shiva is inside the temple where devotees have to descend steps. On the day of Sankranti devotees come to see the marvel which happens at a particular time.

The sun rays fall on the idol once in a year on the day of Makara Sankranti. This is just for 5 minute and all the aarthis, chantings, song and bands begins How does the sunshine fall on Lord Shiva’s idol? This is a very crucial characteristics of earth which takes place on January 14, it tilts with the orbital plane, if this does not takes place, sun would rise and set in the same direction and we would not have any seasons. This tilt gives seasons to this planet and makes the sun rays fall on the temple.

According to the Hindu scripts it mentions the change in hemispheres. It changes from Dakshinayine to Uttarayine. Another interesting fact is, this temple in South India has 2 tunnels which can go and reach Shivaganga and Varanasi in North India. According to people two people who went inside never returned back.

Even I once visited this temple and it’s cold inside and everything was amazing. This temple is just a marvel. It is been protected from the government and India is famous for such architectures. That’s it for today, hope you all enjoyed. Thank you for reading, clapping, commenting, sharing, following and subscribing. Be safe and take care, meet you all in the next blog, till then peace out! (:




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