Hello everyone, me Vivek here hoping that all of you are fine and doing well. We all know how this country’s government has been brutally ruling from years. This is one of the most dangerous country’s to visit and hope you might have guessed it. It’s North Korea, as we all know that North Korea is under dictatorship from 1948. The first dictator was Kim Il Sung, then Kim Jong Il and now Kim Jong Un.

Photo by Micha Brändli on Unsplash

When Kim Il sung died, the North Korean news agency told that the snow storm stopped suddenly, Mount Paektu’s clouds turned red, a famous lake’s ice cracks in such a way that everybody heard the sound. No one should think this is fake but no one should appose North Korean Central New Agency, if questioned, you will be in heaven with Kim Il Sung.

Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

This is the 10th death anniversary of Kim Il Sung, normally every year 10 days of mourning would happen but this is the tenth anniversary so, this time mourning is for 11 days. The rules are that no one should laugh for 11 days, no one should cry for 11 days, no celebration, no intake of alcohol, activities which makes you happy cannot be done and no one should cry loudly if someone has dead and the worst part you should not take away the body before the completion of 11 days and even shopping is banned on the date of 17th December (date when Kim Il Sung died).

But on Kim Il Sung’s death anniversary only 1 week of mourning takes place, and Kim Jong Un has named a flower after his father Kimjongilia no one knows why. North Korea has also banned the clothing style which is followed by Kim Jong Un, and for this separate ladies are initiated. People who won’t follow this rule they will be stripped in the public.

No one in the country has ever dared to cross the rules and everyone in the country thinks that Kim Jong Un is god, means can you even imagine, how people are brainwashed. People don’t even think negative about Kim, they are brainwashed in such a way that they think Kim can read their mind so people always think positive and never go against the government.

That’s it for today, hope you all enjoyed. How do you feel about these rules comment down. Thank you for reading, commenting, sharing, clapping, following and subscribing. Meet you all in the next blog, till then be safe and take care. Till then peace out! (:




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