Problems faced by a kanjoos.

Hello me Vivek here hoping that all of you are fine and doing well. As we all know all are not the same, everyone are good in some or the other thing. One of a type are kanjoos people, these are people who save something in everything and do not waste much in a different way and I am one of them. Today’s topic is all about kanjoos people.

Kanjoos is a Hindi word which used in languages like Kannada. Kanjoos means Miser- A person who hoards. It’s a practice which is neither good nor bad.

There are advantages and disadvantages of being a kanjoos. Speaking about the advantages,

  • It helps in balancing the life.
  • Saves money for future.
  • Teaches a person how to save something conveniently.
  • Helps the world recover, for example , I have a scooter and a cycle and I need some grocery so I go with my cycle which saves the petrol cost and the pollution which will be caused by the scooter won’t be caused by the cycle.
  • Keeps us fit and healthier, let us take the previous example, cycling is a type of exercise. Eating outside food will be reduced and home made food is much more healthier.

Disadvantages of being a kanjoos

  • You can never get something which you wish for yourself, for example, you wanted a brand new car and you even had the money but you are not willing to spend all the money and you decide to buy a second hand car.
  • One of my experience, in Indian marriages they serve a lot of food, but sometimes by mistake they serve food which is rejected by the consumer, as I don’t like to waste anything, I force myself to eat everything which will then turn into a disaster in my stomach.
  • Most people start scolding you, because sometimes you save stuff in such a way that, it turns out to be a problem for them. After I bath, I always turn the heater off without knowing about the next users, then they bath in cold water, become red-hot and start yelling on me.
  • Sometimes you start thinking about helping others in serious times, if someone is admitted in the hospital and they are in need of money, and if they ask you, you start thinking and sometimes don’t give the money, which gains you a bad name for sure.
  • If someone asks you to buy something for them and if you reject, they definitely feel bad and it leaves a bad impression on their mind about your behaviour.

As I am a kanjoos, I’ve also faced such problems but when it comes to helping others I am always ready and I never think. Just think that you are saving a life by just giving away some notes.

That’s it for today, hope you all enjoyed, are you a kanjoos? Comment down and thank you all for reading, sharing, commenting, clapping, following and subscribing. Be safe and take care, meet you all in the next blog till then peace out (:




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