RAIN-What! why are fishes flying?

Hello, everyone. I am Vivek.K.P, hoping that all of you are fine and doing well. In India, there are 3 seasons, Summer, Monsoon and Winter. We all like monsoon but it’s boring and dark always. Have you ever heard about animal rain? If not, no problem because you are gonna read about animal rain in this blog.

In some places like USA, Serbia and Egypt, from past few years animal rains are happening. It’s an actual real life weather event, which is very rare. They are not new, it also happened in the Roman empire where fishes and frogs came down from the sky. Animal rain is mostly of fishes.

On 2005, in Serbia lots of dead frogs crash landed on some certain areas from the sky. A French physicist André-Marie Ampère took this rare natural phenomena seriously, after some researches he stated that frogs and fishes are carried away by strong winds. On 1861 in Singapore a fish rain was recorded.

Can you even imagine, even animals without wings can fly. I first saw this in the news and I thought this was a rumor but afterwards I found out that this was not a rumor it was a true fact, I was shocked and that is where I got the topic from. Even a snake rain had happened centuries before.

Many places has experienced animal rains but they were not aquatic. Australia is home for many types of spiders and one such event took place in Australia on 2013. Spiders were flying in the air, it was just normal, some spiders usually fly using their webs like spider man. Another example is, many birds suddenly came down from the sky in USA, it happened due to bursting crackers on the day of New year eve.

When it comes to aquatic animals, how is this possible?
People thought that when birds migrate in big flocks, they drop their preys without any proper reason. But after researching for a while, the reality came out. It’s very rare and weird. When tornadoes take place in big waters it carries away many fishes, frogs, crabs etc.. and throws away, and these animals come and land on some certain places. Tornadoes in water are also very rare and no one has ever seen tornadoes in water. These type of tornadoes are called as water sprouts.

Fish rain once happened in Mumbai also and I feel so sad for the animals, they are not able to live happily. I pity for the animals. This type of rain has became so frequent that according to researchers, animal rain happens 40 times every year in different places in the world. We humans have always been harmful to the nature. We are destroying this nature day by day which is causing natural calamities like tornadoes and these tornadoes go and kill harmless animals. Let’s change.

Animals rain from the sky
Animals: world, bye bye ):
they live in the water even though they fly high
Monsoon in India usually on July
I can’t see this with my eye
I can’t see them cry
I never cry but sigh
That’s it for today goodbye

That’s it for today, Hope you all enjoyed. Would like these animals flying in the air? comment down. Thank you all for reading, commenting, sharing, clapping, following and subscribing. Take care and be safe. Meet you in the next blog till them peace out! (:




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