Hello everyone, I am Vivek.K.P and hope you all fine and doing and well. Japan is a small and developed country filled with advanced technology. Earthquakes are frequent and Japan’s culture is vast. Many scientists say that Japan has started shrinking. But how can a country shrink? This blog is all about this.

Japan is not shrinking but the population of Japan is shrinking. Japan is home to nearly a 126 million people. It has a vast culture, large amount of wealth, advanced technologies, one of the strongest military etc… Japan is one of the most densely populated country in the planet and almost 90% of the population lives in cities.

Japan’s population is massive and is the oldest in the whole planet. Today, Japan is experiencing a great issue called the super aging society. According to the survey one out of four people are above the age of 65 which is approximately 36 million. It is the entire population of Canada. 27% of the people are above 65 and it is the greatest percentage of aged people.

Japan is different, every person has a life expectancy of 85 years and it is higher than any other country. Some of the factors are most advanced technology in medical industry, food and nutrition. It is unbelievable, there are 2 million people aged above 90 and 80,000 people aged above 100 OMG.

It’s a great success but it’s a great chaos. This is because of the low birth rate, it kept on decreasing. On 2008 Japan the population was 128 million people and it was the greatest of all time in Japan but from that time the population has kept on decreasing. Another factor is the old kings banned foreigners from entering because the country was away from Asia and it was an island. This was an advantage. Now a days immigration from other countries is less, so people don’t mainly settle in Japan permanently.

Due to the pandemic millions of people died in Japan. Many aged people died due to the pandemic which caused a drastic change in the population.

That’s it for today, hope you all enjoyed. Thank you for reading, commenting, clapping, following and subscribing. See you all in the next blog. Be safe and take care. BYE BYE!



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